Our Team

Del Carmen Consulting

Dr. Alex del Carmen, Founder of DCC

Dr. Alex del Carmen, founder of DCC and the Crime Analysis Group, was one of the first scholars in the United States who conducted and published studies on racial profiling. He is regarded as a leading authority on this topic and has participated in international, national, state, and local seminars discussing topics relevant to racial profiling. Dr. del Carmen has trained all the chiefs of police in Texas for the past 20 years and has instructed thousands of police officers and federal agents throughout the United States on topics related to biased based policing and racial profiling. He has written numerous academic articles in prestigious criminology journals, along with several books, including the most authoritative text on racial profiling, Racial Profiling in America, with Prentice Hall. He has also created the most widely used racial profiling report template in Texas and previously served as a Federal Monitor for the United States Federal Court, Eastern District of Louisiana. Dr. del Carmen presently serves as Special Master for the United States Federal Court, District of Puerto Rico.


Gary Loeffert

Gary Loeffert brings over 28 years of policing expertise and a Master of Criminal Justice to Del Carmen Consulting. He began his career in law enforcement as a community police officer in a public housing community with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department where he gained vast expertise in implementing and executing community policing strategies in underserved communities. His passion for community lead him to join the FBI. Gary spent nearly 25 years as a Special Agent with the FBI, retiring as the Special Agent in Charge of the Buffalo Field office. He served as the case agent of several large-scale investigations that successfully dismantled international drug trafficking and money laundering organizations operating throughout South Florida. His complex case work involved approximately 15 joint international investigations, spanning the globe.
Gary’s expertise in law enforcement executive management is essential to his work with Del Carmen Consulting. As a supervisor who was continually promoted, gaining more responsibility, Gary was entrusted to conduct several internal investigations involving alleged misconduct of FBI employees, he executed top-down policy reviews, and oversaw integrity audits to ensure operations were in full compliance with FBI policy. Further, Gary, successfully led and managed a widely diverse workforce while assigned to the FBI’s Miami, Dallas, Jacksonville, and Buffalo field offices, training well over 1000 agents and task force officers.
A federal judge overseeing the largest police reform case in the U.S., appointed Gary to serve as Assistant Special Master to assist the judge in providing necessary technical assistance to the parties involved in the case. Specifically, Gary utilizes his expertise in analyzing law enforcement policies to assist in furthering progress toward compliance in the consent agreement.

Thomas D. Petrowski

Thomas D. Petrowski is an attorney with extensive criminal justice teaching experience currently serving as an Assistant Special Master in the Puerto Rico police reform case and as a use of force subject matter expert for the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division in the Baltimore Police Department consent decree. In 2018, Petrowski retired from the FBI after 23 years of diverse service. He spent about half of his career in the FBI Legal Program teaching law at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA and serving as a Division Counsel to the Dallas FBI Division. His operational experience includes over 10 years in the SWAT program as an operator and supervisor of the Dallas SWAT program, and assignments to multi-agency Street Gang and Counterterrorism Task Forces.  Prior to the FBI, Mr. Petrowski served as a U.S. Army Special Forces officer, as both an Operator and as a JAG Officer.

Sara Jane del Carmen

With over 20 years of experience in public service, Sara Jane del Carmen provides legal advice, risk/liability analysis, and sound guidance to law enforcement agencies with a particular focus on constitutional operational standards.  Her decade on the bench, overseeing regional jail operations as a Presiding Magistrate along with her service as Presiding Judge administrating multiple municipal courts, she has worked with several local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in ensuring investigative standards were being met in the pursuit of warrant applications, interrogations, and in all juvenile case matters within her jurisdiction.  She utilized the findings released by DOJ in its investigation of the Ferguson police, jail, and court operations to create a matrix to assess procedural standards.  This assessment led to implementing strategies to insure due process, better data collection, and robust training with support for court staff.

Before her appointment to the bench, she served as a staff attorney to criminal district court judges, a prosecutor, and defense attorney.  Sara Jane has published multiple books, articles, presented at conferences around the world, and has served as a professor to hundreds of criminal justice students.  Her diverse skill set and desire to assist public servants brings clients legal expertise with vital policy implementation experience.

Sara Jane received her Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s University School of Law and Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is currently pursuing an LLM in Risk Management from Texas A&M School of Law. 

Holly Loeffert

Holly Loeffert joins the Del Carmen Consulting collective providing expertise in managing executive communications and high-level logistics. In public service, she held Top-Secret Security Clearance coordinating and supporting efforts at U.S. Embassies as well as in the Domestic Security Alliance Counsel (DSAC) for the FBI. Within this role, she oversaw and was the chief point of contact between the FBI and all Chief Security Officers of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and arranged intelligence briefings for DSAC members at the FBI Academy. Further, Holly oversaw, supervised, coordinated and planned the DSAC annual conference in Washington, D.C. Her work ethic and attention to detail earned her several awards, including recognition by the Ambassadors and Deputy Chiefs of Mission in Cambodia and Ethiopia.

Holly’s extraordinary professionalism, understanding of client needs, experience with executive level communications, and ability to manage complex, time-sensitive logistical issues is an asset for Del Carmen Consulting to provide quality control and integrity audits to all matters handled for our valued clients.