Center for Innovation and Training

One can never stop learning

In the era of police reform, providing training to police personnel is simply not enough, sometimes. Therefore, knowing which training topic to focus on while assessing the nature of the training being delivered, are essential in the implementation of best police practices. The Del Carmen Consulting Group has a great deal of experience in developing training “gaps” or areas of focus that follow best practices. Further, we evaluate the content, delivery and assimilation of training material by officers. These areas of the training curriculum of any police agency, have become the focus in police accountability measures nationwide.

Dr. Alex del Carmen has been a law enforcement instructor for several years. He is a TCLEOSE certified instructor and has conducted training classes for over 23 law enforcement agencies in the state of Texas. In addition, he has trained, through the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas, over 2000 Chiefs of Police on topics relevant to racial profiling, and conducted training sessions for over 500 police agencies.

Examples of important and timely training provided by DCC include:


Leadership Training

Our leadership training helps individuals in law enforcement improve their abilities to perform as a leader in their organization. We offer:

  • Accountability Training
  • Ethics Training
  • Management Courses
  • Scope of Responsibilities
  • Critical Thinking Seminars

Racial Profile and Implicit Bias Training

  • Our racial profile training helps law enforcement officers understand the importance of racial profiling and unconscious biases
  • Leading a bias free department
  • We also offer training to identify implicit bias and how to avoid it at the workplace