Law Enforcement Consulting

Finding Your Blind Spots

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Modern Policing

Through Science.

Finding Your Blind Spots

Are you prepared for 2022 and beyond?

  • As a law enforcement professional in today’s dynamic world, you face these daily challenges:
  • Do you have an effective strategy for the next quarter, or next fiscal year? Do you have the information you need to effectively address issues you may not yet be aware of? Is your agency poised to adequately deal with the challenges of tomorrow?
  • What crime trends present in your jurisdiction? What trends are soon to develop? In other words, “Do you know what you don’t know”? Do you have the information you need to take corrective action?
  • How is your agency performing? What crime concerns are increasing? Are you adequately prepared for community discussions and presentations to your municipality?
  • Do your officers fully understand the environment they’re facing every day? Could they be more efficient, more effective, and better informed about current strategies and tactics?
  • Are you confronting staffing and recruiting obstacles? Is there a pending wave of retirements you must plan for?
  • Finally, is there implicit racial bias within the staff and the potential for devastating outcomes? If so, can this be identified and remedied?
  • Let us help you overcome these and sleep better at night.
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Led by Dr. Alex del Carmen, a renowned expert in police studies, Del Carmen Consulting™ is the leading provider of assistance to police agencies, governmental institutions, litigators, and community leaders, in the interpretation, analysis, and presentation of crime trends, performance, and racial profiling data for the last 25 years.

Our team of experienced law enforcement professionals, scholars, and data scientists offer a multi-faceted array of solutions, including training, city council presentations, crime analysis, grant and report preparation, and organizational management studies. Our approach comes from years of academic and practical experience. This approach, combined with our reputation for providing an objective perspective, gives us a “unique” edge and sets us apart from the rest!