Racial Profiling


Texas Racial Profiling Senate Bill 1074 mandates that ALL police agencies report by March 1 of each year, their traffic-related contact data. All agencies are required to report Tier 1 data and some, depending on the application and usage of video and audio equipment, are required to collect and report Tier 2 data.


Del Carmen Consulting, LLC is experienced in assisting police agencies in the preparation of the annual Racial Profiling Report including, but not limited to, the analysis of data relevant to traffic-related contacts. For More information please visit www.texasracialprofiling.com.



Del Carmen Consulting, LLC has been a pioneer in developing and distributing the Texas Racial Profiling Template which is currently being used by most Texas law enforcement agencies. Although the use of the template does not substitute seeking outside assistance in order to analyze the racial profiling data, it does allow agencies to prepare the “core” of the report without incurring additional costs. Contact us for more information on how to obtain the annual racial profiling template.



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