Law Enforcement Services

Del Carmen Consulting specializes in assisting law enforcement agencies throughout the United States in different areas including, but not limited to, organizational assessments, racial profiling (biased based policing) practices and prevention, policy reviews, and staffing allocation studies.  With over 20 years of experience, the firm was formed by individuals who have extensive academic and practical experience; thus, allowing them to integrate academic concepts to real life applications. Our clients vary from small to large law enforcement agencies.  Our goal is focused on “serving those that serve”.  That is, providing a valid, scientific and realistic perspective and insights regarding a particular topic.  Our fees are reasonable and are based on the magnitude and complexity of the project.  We have served thousands of police agencies and professionals over the years.

Best Practices Assessment

Del Carmen Consulting has a vast amount of experience in assessing different aspects of police practices. Areas of study have included recruitment and retention practices, COMPSTAT training, community policing assessments, and hiring board reviews.  These have proven useful for law enforcement agencies in need of reviewing and improving, when necessary, within the context of contemporary police practices. Our firm has provided benchmark measures to numerous law enforcement agencies in an effort to assist them in the scientific and objective review of their programs and practices.  While utilizing statistically sound approaches, our firm provides a professional analysis of contemporary policing practices while relying on cutting edge advances in the various areas of policing.


Del Carmen Consulting, LLC specializes in the preparation and analysis of racial profiling data reports for police departments and municipal courts. In addition, our experienced team offers training sessions and city council presentations on this topic. Our firm has vast experience in the analysis of data relevant to racial profiling. Further, our team is experienced in producing and presenting racial profiling reports relevant to racial profiling legal requirements at the local, state and national levels. Our approach comes from years of academic and practical experience. Our team is made up of individuals who are serious about this issue and seek to provide real time solutions to the racial profiling problem. This approach, combined with our reputation for providing an objective perspective, gives us a “unique” edge and sets us apart from the rest! Let us know how we can be of assistance and find out for yourself why so many of our clients regard us as “reliable, dependable and professional”. For More information please visit


Policy Review

We have 20 years of experience in reviewing, drafting and revising law enforcement policies.  These range from topics associated with use of force, training, internal affairs, biased based policing, ethics, traffic, and management and supervisory components.  We utilize internationally accepted guidelines combined with years of academic and field experience when reviewing and drafting policies.  Our team members have worked with the local, state and federal government officials in the draft and review policy process.  

Staffing Analysis

With the rising budget pressures, police departments across the United States are finding the need to hire and deploy police personnel in an effective manner. This, however, has become an even greater challenge in circumstances where there is a shortage of police personnel. The del Carmen Consulting team members can help address this issue by performing a staffing analysis while employing widely accepted statistical formulas based on calls for service, population density, and growth patterns.  These studies, which focus on uniform personnel, CID, and support staff, have been performed by the firm, for numerous police departments, including the cities of Denton and Houston.