Grant Writing


It is estimated that thousands of dollars in grant funds are lost each year by qualified police agencies who lack the expertise or staff to seek external funding. Del Carmen Consulting, LLC is able to assist you in seeking grant funds that can help you improve conditions in your respective agency. Funds are often available to assist police agencies in acquiring technology and other related equipment. Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you obtain outside funds.

Citizen Satisfaction and Fear of Crime Studies:


It is imperative for police departments and cities alike, to identify if citizens in the community exhibit a fear of crime that governs their daily routines. Further, it is equally important to determine if citizens are satisfied with police services rendered. Del Carmen Consulting has performed numerous fear of crime and citizen satisfaction surveys in an attempt to help police and city officials better understand if citizens in the community fear being victims of crimes and if they have confidence on police services.  Cities such as Richland Hills and Burleson have recently benefited from these studies.