Strategic Planning for Law Enforcement


Using tried and true methods, the Del Carmen Consulting team can design and implement a strategic planning process to fit any agency, large or small. This process concludes with the production of a strategic plan to guide your department’s strategic management and decision-making for 3, 5, or 10 years. A typical planning process will include interviews of key staff and stakeholders, assessing your department’s mission and vision, linking key strategies to your vision, designing recommendations, and assigning staff with tasks and projects to ensure successful completion of the strategic plan.

Law Enforcement Analysis


The Del Carmen Consulting team has experience is a number of law enforcement analysis roles and remains on the cutting edge in producing analytical products for police departments using various statistical, GIS, and analytical products.

Crime analysis

Staff at Del Carman Consulting can help your agency with a variety of crime analysis functions and products. These include administrative analysis of NIBRS or UCR crime data, compiling historical police data, and crime rate analysis. Additionally, staff at Del Carmen Consulting can support your agency in tactical and strategic crime analysis as well. Whether it’s a long term trend, recent pattern or series, staff at Del Carmen Consulting can support your agency in determining the scope of the problem, as well as making recommendations to solve the problem. Del Carmen Consulting can also help your agency design and implement a crime analysis function. Staff can train your agency to use GIS and analysis methods to guide your agency with data-driven decision making.

Operational Analysis

In addition to expertise in the field of crime analysis, staff can support a variety of law enforcement organizational analysis. Projects include reviewing patrol staffing workloads in relation to current and future workload estimates. Additionally, Del Carmen Consulting can review the effectiveness and capacity of any organizational unit in your agency. Del Carmen Consulting can also assist in creating or evaluating programs, such as crime prevention and citizen involvement efforts, to ensure they serve your community effectively. Finally, the experts at Del Carmen Consulting can employ complex statistical methodologies to ensure your beat/precinct design best suits your goals for community policing, staff workload balance, and equipment availability.