Del Carmen Consulting

Del Carmen Consulting, LLC has over 20 years of experience in providing various services to the criminal justice community. Our focus is in producing an excellent product at an affordable price. We have expanded our services throughout the years to include the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, with the aim of facilitating municipalities with a better understanding of crime, fear of crime, and policing services. In addition to training thousands of police officers, chiefs of police, and city employees, we perform crime analysis in an effort to assist police agencies identify and respond to crime patters.


Dr. Alex del Carmen

Dr. Alex del Carmen, founder of Del Carmen Consulting, LLC, is a leading scholar in policing studies. He is regarded as an “authority” and has participated in national, state, and local seminars discussing topics relevant to policing. He has served as a federal monitor for the United States Courts, in New Orleans and more recently, Puerto Rico. Dr. del Carmen has written over 40 academic manuscripts in internationally recognized journals and has authored numerous books. He often appears in interviews in newspapers and television stations throughout the United States and Canada.